Advantages of FEP features

FEP tube introduction

1. FEP can also be made into heat shrinkable tubes, which can be used for coating transfer rollers in printing presses.

2.High surface quality can prevent print adhesion, contamination and discoloration.

3. In the medical industry, FEP tubes are mainly used as catheters or in the field of endoscopy.

4. It also prevents contamination of the delivered liquid during the injection process.

5. Therefore, the biocompatibility of FEP for medical use is also excellent.

6. FEP can be sterilized by all conventional methods.

7. The heat exchanger is made of FEP tube, which has a long life and is easy to weld.

8. FEP tubes have UV resistance and high permeability, very suitable for UV spiral tubes in water purification systems.

9. When water is pumped through the FEP spiral tube, it will be exposed to direct UV light.

10. This will not affect the FEP tube, but will kill potential bacteria in the water.

11. The tube is wrapped around the UV lamp and the liquid passes through the UV lamp during the cleaning process.

12. This complex manufacturing process allows the final product to deliver significantly more water to the effective radiation area over a long period of time.

Features of FEP tubes.

1. Both rigid and flexible, with sufficient mechanical properties and excellent flexibility.

2. Compared with plate pipe, corrugated pipe per unit length is lighter, saves material, reduces energy consumption and is cheaper.

3、Strong chemical resistance, can withstand the influence of acid and alkali in the surrounding environment.

4、The corrugated shape can increase the resistance of the pipe to the surrounding environment without increasing the flexibility of the pipe, so it can be laid continuously on uneven objects.

5. Convenient interface, good sealing performance, easy to carry, easy to install, reduce labor intensity and shorten construction period.

6. Wide working temperature range, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, safe to use.

7. Excellent electrical insulation performance, ideal material for wire casing.

Application areas of FEP pipe.

1、The application range of FEP is the same as PTFE, used in electrical, radio, electronics, chemical, machinery manufacturing, refrigeration, medical and other industrial fields.

2, FEP is used as film printing board, wire and cable insulation, generator winding, electrical insulation parts (sheet, rod, tube, frame and insulator), corrosion-resistant structural products (oil-free lubricated machine parts), coatings. . And painted glass cloth. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, used in chemical work equipment, heat exchangers, fractionation towers, pumps, valves, pipes, seals, pipe liners, laboratory transparent instruments, etc. FEP extruded thin-walled tubes for heat exchangers, suitable for heating and cooling of strongly corrosive liquids in the range of -200 ~ 200 ℃.

3.FEP parts used in refrigeration industry can withstand low temperature test.FEP sheet is used for manufacturing pneumatic and vacuum products.

4. FEP is used as wire and cable insulator for various purposes, especially for electronic assembly circuits of wires and microelectronic components.

5. FEP film is used as a seal for capacitors, diaphragms and chemical equipment, and in the printing industry for the manufacture of printed boards and flexible cables.

6. The film can be bonded to metal and glass cloth under heating and pressure without welding, vacuuming, metal coating, or surface activation.

7. FEP films are particularly permeable and are used as diaphragms to separate sensitive components of gas analyzers from the gas being analyzed.

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