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PTFE High Strength Sewing Thread

In 2004 we became the first manufacturer of PTFE sewing thread for filter bag use in China. Although our PTFE Sewing Thread has been widely recognized by the market in past years, we are not fully satisfied. We continuously challenge ourselves towards better answers to the questions: How to enable customers to obtain faster sewing efficiency, more convenient sewing experience, lower operating cost and higher service life? We are making continuous effort to improve in that direction. In 2013, based on the original Normal and Enhanced Series , we have successfully developed the third generation PTFE Sewing Thread - Super Series, which has good features in higher strength. longer length per single cone and lower heat shrinkage, etc.
Technical Parameters
Comparison of minimum strength among three generations of 1200D sewing thread Comparison of minimum length per single cone among three generations of 1200D sewing thread

Package note: Normal Series in BLUE cone; Enhanced Series in RED cone; Super Series in BLACK cone.

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