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PTFE Microporous Tape


Our PTFE Microporous Tape with low density is widely used as winding insulation for RF cable,telecommunication cables in industries such as aviation, aerospace,radar,and telecommunication.PTFE cable wrapping tape generates micropore after stretching.lts dielectric constant reduces sharply during the process. The product therefore has good features as winding insulation,including high temperature resistance,excellent softness,good shielding properties,high radio frequency with low attenuation,and limited thermal expansion coefficient.Our low-density PTFE Microporous Tape is smooth and even during splitting &winding,has long continuous length,and is easy for use.The product's colour,width and density can beadjusted by customer's request.

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PTFE Microporous Tape

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The company has modern workshops,superior testing facility,and strong R&D capablities.Our products have
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PTFE Microporous Tape Technical Data

Density (g/cm3) Thickness(mm) Width (mm)
0.5 0.05 6
0.7 0.10 8
1.2 0.15 13
1.6 0.20 25
Remark: Commonly used densities, thicknesses and widths are available in any combination as required. Customization is also available upon request.


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