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PTFE Packing Yarn with Graphite

In order to cope with the strict requirement on packing from the higher speed dynamic sealing,we've developed the PTFE Yarn with Graphite.This product keeps the PTFE's advantages such as corosion and high temperature resistance as well as self lubrication.ln addition, its graphite component helps more quickly disspate the heat from fricion,prevent the packingfrom overheating under high rolling speed,and protect the sealing surface from damage.Such features effectively control leakage and prevent parts from heating damage. PTFE Packing Yarn with Graphite product has two models -- Common Model and High Graphite Model.The Common Model offers great cost effectiveness.The High Graphite Model contains higher content of graphite without reducing the strength of PTFE yarn,so that the packing gains better thermal conductivity .Such feature can further reduce the abrasion when starting torque and the shaft,greatly extend the equipment running time,and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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PTFE Packing Yarn with Graphite

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PTFE Packing Yarn with Graphite Technical Data

Model Graphite Content(%) Relative Strengh (g/d) Elongation(%)
TGr-YP-I 13 >0.2 ≤17
TGr-YP-Ⅱ 25-30 >0.2


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