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Fusible Fluororesin Mesh

We use self-made fusible fluoro resin monofilament (PFA, PVDF, ETFE) to weave into net,which are suitable for all kinds of high temperature, strong corrosion, strong UV and other harsh working conditions. Our products are widely used in rubber, paper, chlor-alkali, new energy battery, office automation, industrial filtration and other industries.

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Fusible Fluororesin Mesh

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The company has modern workshops,superior testing facility,and strong R&D capablities.Our products have
been achieving good sales results in many countries and regions.Meanwhile the excellent quality of our products has been well recognized by overseas customers.

  Fusible fluororesin mesh

  We use self-made fusible fluoro resin monofilament (PFA, PVDF, ETFE) to weave into net to meet the needs of customers in different industries.



Resin ULTemperature Acid Alkaline Solvent
PTFE -260°C
PFA -260°C
FEP -200°C
ETFE -180°C
PVDF -150°C

  ◎:Excellent  ○:Good



Standard Fiber diameter(μmΦ) mesh Standard width(mm) Standard length(m)
250μmΦ-30mesh目 250 30 1000 100
200μmΦ-40mesh目 200 40 1000 200
180μmΦ-50mesh目 180 50 1000 200
100μmΦ-60mesh目 100 60 1000 200
100μmΦ-80mesh目 100 80 1000 200

  Weave Construction                                                               

   Twill weave     Plain weave


-For fiber diameters and mesh numbers exceeding those listed in the specifications above, please contact us.

-For available widths and lengths, please contact us.

-Plain weave, twill weave, compound weave cure, and tubular weave are available.

-Maximum length is subject to change.


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