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PTFE Scrim


PTFE Scrim is woven by 100% PTFE yarn. Compared with other materials, PTFE Scrim has better high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and high strength, making it one of the most excellent felt reinforcement materials at present. We can not only produce PTFE Scrim for needle punched felt, but also specially develop PTFE Scrim for spunlaced felt to meet the requirements of different customers for high temperature, strong corrosive gas and liquid filtration.

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PTFE Scrim

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The company has modern workshops,superior testing facility,and strong R&D capablities.Our products have
been achieving good sales results in many countries and regions.Meanwhile the excellent quality of our products has been well recognized by overseas customers.

PTFE Scrim Technical Data

Model Specification of weaving yarn
Breaking Strength
Warp Weft Warp Weft
T-SC-Ⅱ-105(28x18) 500 28 18 ≥850.00 ≥550.00 105±5% 1.65~2.50
T-SC-Ⅱ-125(30x25) 500 30 25 ≥950.00 ≥770.00 125±5% 1.65~2.50
T-SC-Ⅱ-135(30x28) 500 30 28 ≥950.00 ≥850.00 135±5% 1.65~2.50


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