Development and application of non-stick PTFE material

PTFE material has the smallest surface tension and inertness among solid materials and does not adhere to any substance. PTFE material has the lowest coefficient of friction, excellent self-lubrication, and also has excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, which makes it very widely used in applications such as the manufacture of non-stick pan anti-stick. In addition, such as the application of PTFE material in the roller or set in other parts, used as a guide wheel, PTFE rollers, can let the film, paper, textiles, etc. quickly through; can also be made into thin sheets such as chemical fiber molding sheet, textile lubrication block installed in the loom to prevent a variety of silk thread adhesion and made of PTFE shaped parts for mechanical equipment, to prevent glue and other bonding difficult to remove; and the use of PTFE coating and These applications make use of the small coefficient of friction and non-stick properties of PTFE material, which can reduce the tension to a minimum when the product is passed, and the attached dirt is easy to clean.

Compared with other polymers, PTFE has its unique advantages, but there are also some defects, such as poor mechanical processing properties, large coefficient of linear expansion, poor creep resistance, easy cold flow, poor wear resistance, molding and secondary processing difficulties and other deficiencies, so that its application is limited. At present, domestic and foreign research on PTFE focuses on finding appropriate methods to modify it, to improve its performance to a certain extent and expand its application. To strengthen the application of PTFE research and development, we need to focus on the modification technology research and development of new high-performance PTFE composite materials. PTFE manufacturers are also constantly improving and applying.

PTFE wear-resistant composites are made of PTFE resin as matrix, with good wear resistance by adding organic or inorganic wear-reducing components and anti-wear enhancing components. The wear-resistant composites with polymer matrix have a series of excellent characteristics such as self-lubrication, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration absorption, noise reduction, low relative density, strength enhancement and easy processing, etc., so they are being used more and more widely as alternatives or substitutes for other materials. We also note that the usual use of inorganic materials have good performance, the price is also low, can increase the hardness of the material, wear resistance, dimensional stability, etc., but some inorganic materials will also be damaged when friction to the couple; and organic filling materials such as polyphenylene resin, polyimide, wear resistance, creep resistance, etc., is very good, because it is a soft material, will not damage the couple, but the price is expensive, so it should be based on Therefore, the filler products should be selected according to the use environment and requirements of the material, and the reasonable cost to bear. Polytetrafluoroethylene has the highest temperature range of plastic use space, the lowest surface energy, non-stick, corrosion resistance, insulation, non-aging and a unique position in the field of friction lubrication wear, many scholars at home and abroad on the modification of polytetrafluoroethylene technology research and discussion, I believe that in the future polytetrafluoroethylene materials will be better in quality.

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